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A+ Academy of Hypnosis is now accepting applications for the upcoming International Association of Counselors and Therapists Hypnosis Certification training scheduled to October 14, 2016


This dynamic 220 hour course consists of lectures, Q & A, demonstrations of therapeutic processes and techniques, and hands-on supervised practice using the latest tools and techniques learned in class. Practical self-hypnosis techniques are also covered. In addition to record keeping, effective marketing, advertising and many aspects of how to set up a successful practice are presented which includes 40 hours of in office training on establishing daily business procedures.


The class is designed to prepare both professionals such as counselors, doctors, and teachers, as well as private individuals to become a certified hypnotist and is facilitated by Diane Rohlfs, a Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist, Certified Instructor and owner of A+ Academy of Hypnosis in Omaha, Nebraska. If you are a therapist and would like to add a quick and easy modality to get to the root cause of your clients problem then now is your chance to add Hypnotherapy to your tool box.


The class is limited so you may want to call the office as soon as possible if you have any questions or to receive a brochure and enrollment information call 402-333-1069. Visit our web site:


Testimonials from previous students:


I attended A+ Hypnosis Certification’s class in the spring of 2015. What a great experience! Diane Rohlfs is personable, professional, and brings years of expertise to class, which enhances the learning experience so much. The teaching materials are organized and complete. Diane is truly invested in the success of her students and has been available to answer questions and assist me in ways that are too numerous to mention! If you are interested in becoming a hypnotherapist, I would recommend attending A+ Academy of Hypnosis.                 Cathy Tierney, RN, MSN, CHt


I am a licensed independent mental health practitioner.  I have been using some hypnosis techniques in my practice for the past several years but I have never felt very confident in doing so. I have always fully believed in how effective it can be to use but I’ve only known what I’ve learned from reading about it. After taking Diane’s class I feel 10 times more confident.  There are so many wonderful specific skills I’ve learned in addressing different issues with people and how to make hypnosis an effective part of my practice.  Now I do consider myself to be an expert on hypnosis where I couldn’t say that before.               

Lisa Parisien, LIMHR, LADC, CHt