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About Hypnosis Classes

What Specifically Happens During a Hypnosis Class Session?

To become a professional hypnotist, like any profession, you need the commitment to invest in yourself and your skills. At A+ Hypnosis we make classes a fun environment. So investing in learning the various aspects of hypnotism intrigues, interests and fascinates students. When you feel comfortable with your surroundings, you learn faster.

On the first day, classes typically start out with everyone introducing themselves. Just relax, this is fun.

You hear a general overview of what hypnosis is. During a live demonstration, you personally experience the naturally soothing effects of hypnosis using your mind’s own power.

Live Demonstration, Classroom Lecture and Hands On Practice

Using live demonstration, classroom lecture and hands on practice with other students, you quickly develop different levels of hypnotism mastery. The more you practice, the faster you see what a powerful being you are.

The Power of Belief

During question and answer periods, you understand more and more about your natural ability to hypnotize yourself. Learning the power of belief and practicing belief-building skills using empowering suggestions, helps you know how to create powerful mind programming.

Hypnosis Script Writing

You learn about the different parts of a hypnotic script. And, you learn to script hypnotic suggestions. Even if you are not a professional writer, we teach you how to write scripts to help your clients achieve their goals.

The abilities to create a hypnotic induction, suggestions and trance termination are only the beginning on your journey of this fascinating career. We teach you different hypnotic techniques, processes and methods to give you the tools you need to succeed as a professional hypnotist.

And be ready for new relationships you’ll forge with other students. Knowing you have like-minded hypnotists to brainstorm ideas with helps you see you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself. For a more complete syllabus of what topics you’ll learn in each mastery level, just contact me and let’s talk details! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Imagine being on a journey as both the tour guide and the one being on the tour. As a professional hypnotist, you act as the tour guide for your client who is participating in a journey to a happier mindset.

The training you receive gives you instructions on how to guide your client to see life situations from different viewpoints. These differing viewpoints help a client release oneself from feeling stuck in life.


Clients come to you because they feel held back from living life fully. They oftentimes feel afraid of some unknown, intangible fear feeling. As a professional hypnotist you learn how to say exactly the right thing to help them dissolve their fearful viewpoints. Once a client no longer feels afraid, he or she is free to live life more fully.

For example…suppose a client comes to you for help on how to feel calm and confident while speaking publicly, or asking the boss for a well-deserved raise or any number of other goals. Maybe he or she wants to figure out how to find that special someone for a meaningful relationship.

The training you’ll be given in classes will help you identify how to use the client’s own language patterns, thoughts, words and phrases, recite them back to the client in a little different perspective so the client feels happier. When you use your hypnosis expertise, your client can then see things differently and finally be released from fears holding him or her back for perhaps years.


When the client sees that a new perspective can finally free him or her from fear that’s the REAL treasure in becoming a hypnotist. You LIVE for that moment when your client has an epiphany about how to let go of fear and finally live life in a more empowered way.

So part of the value in becoming a hypnotist is your opportunity to participate and facilitate change in a way that works for the client. Really, if you LOVE the exhilaration of helping a person see the value of change, and finally moving forward in life, THIS is the greatest career to get into, hands down! To learn more about Hypnosis Classes call today.