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Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression?

Life Between Lives:

Michael training others to do his work.

Michael training others to do his work.

Dr. Michael Newton is world-famous for his spiritual regression techniques that take hypnotic subjects back to their time in the spirit world. His two best-selling books of client case studies, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, have left thousands of readers eager to discover their own afterlife adventures, their soul companions and guides, and their purpose in this lifetime.


 Journey into your own consciousness to explore your “life between lives” and answer the questions: “Why am I Here?” and”What Contracts Did I Make for this Lifetime?”  With the help from your guides and higher self, you will learn how to understanding the meaning, purpose and divine plan for your life and the profound effects between lives has on your current lifetime.


Reincarnation is not new, it is recognized by many cultures throughout many parts of the world. As more and more people are opening up spiritually, they are curious about their past incarnations and want to explore their spiritual side for self­ awareness and personal growth. This is amazing, life changing work for the client and the practitioner! Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL) is a method for exploring our soul’s immortal existence. This technique for accessing these memories is based on the groundbreaking research and instruction of Michael Newton PhD., author of the best­ selling books ”Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls.” Dr. Newton’s research spans 7,000 Life Between Lives cases over 30 years. His latest book “Memories of the Afterlife” contains Life Between Lives case studies from his students who do this work. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression explores relationships, lessons and themes carried forward throughout several lifetimes, including the present incarnation. It is a deeply profound exploration of one’s soul’s immortal existence from this loving realm between lives. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression allows one to learn more about their current life by connecting with their higher-self, spirit guides and teachers at the soul-level of the mind to gain an expanded sense of meaning and purpose regarding their current life journey. Clients not only discover their purpose for being, they also discover they had a choice in choos1ng this body and life. It’s empowering to understand that we had a choice in choosing these relationships, both loving and difficult, and what purpose they serve. It brings a sense of comfort “knowing” that we are not alone, help is available to us, and that the soul continues on after we die. Client’s may visit areas of rest and rejuvenation, body selection, libraries, meeting with soul groups, and their own Council of Elders where they explore their growth as a soul and karmic lessons. Interactions with spirit guides and Elders provides better understanding of their purpose as they move forward in their current Incarnation. Experiencing this opens up a channel of awareness to our guides and teachers that continues after our session is over, reminding us that we are not alone as we live out the remainder of our current lives. It is a deeply personal journey to connect with one’s soul-self to gain insight into one’s life lessons, challenges and relationships. Great healing and a sense of peace comes thru these sessions. Understanding the interconnectedness of all souls allows one to live out the remainder of their current life in a much more conscious and meaningful way. Clients have a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in this world with a deeper commitment to living out their soul’s contract or life’s purpose. From the perspective of the higher-mind, insights are revealed that help clients to begin to release outdated beliefs and burdens that are holding them back. With this knowledge, they are better equipped to release anger or old resentments towards others, because they have a greater understanding of their own role in this. As a result, they are able to take responsibility for their actions and live in a more conscious way. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression offers a therapeutic opportunity to readdress these issues from the current life body. and brain to bring insightful awareness for healing old wounds they have been working thru for many lifetimes. Connecting to ones soul-self this way brings Profound healing at a deeply emotional level as one understands their soul’s purpose along their journey thru time. In addition to answers to current life questions, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression answers the age-old question of “What happens to us when we die?” For many it is comforting to know that once the body dies, the soul continues on to rejoin with our loved ones once we leave our earthly existence.

From an interview with Bryn Blankinship by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.


Dr. Newton is now retired from active practice but continues to work closely with TNI in an advisory capacity. Prior to his retirement he developed a team of TNI-certified LBL therapists to offer TNI-endorsed trainings, and with the intention of upholding the high standards set by him, this growing teaching team is dedicated to furthering Dr. Newton’s life’s work around the world. On this very important issue of training and certification, he says:

“I am delighted to support the work of all currently-certified members of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives hypnotherapy who follow The Newton Institute’s true methodology and who are bound by our organization’s Code of Ethics. There are others, however, who promote themselves as ‘LBL practitioners’ and ‘LBL teachers,’ yet are not members of TNI and have not trained with our organization, even though they claim affiliation with me and my life’s work of exploring the spiritual realm. Still others have had such training and membership in the past, but are no longer current members with up-to-date knowledge of TNI, its goals and the latest developments in our methodology. Some left our organization so quickly after their initial LBL training that they did not receive the monitored exposure and feedback from our regular members. Some offer ‘LBL training’ but have not, themselves, followed the training and preparation required by our organization to teach LBL. I can endorse only training programs run by the TNI training team and its approved Alliance Training affiliates. People have a right to choose their own paths in life, but too many of those who have left our LBL organization still use my name for their own personal gain and claim an inaccurate and misleading association with the methodology that grew out of my research. I am concerned about public perceptions. Unless they remain in the TNI membership, how can I vouch for their skill levels or even know if they are following our Code of Ethics in their conduct? Because of these issues, they have neither my endorsement nor my support. The TNI team works hard to evolve and develop LBL methodology, but focuses on maintaining the core principles of my original research.”

For those readers of this message who may not be aware of TNI’s website, an easy-to-search list of currently-certified TNI LBL practitioners is available at under the ‘Locate a Therapist’ pages. Visitors to the site can search by region, by language, by country or by therapist name.

For further information check out The Newton Institute website: