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Hypnosis sessions

Personal Sessions

Professional One-on-One Hypnosis sessions

We at A+ Hypnosis offer personal and professional services. We offer a free consultation to determine if hypnosis would work for you and you are comfortable with our therapist. Hypnosis is a highly personal form of changing your old habits into new productive ones. Do you ever wonder why your intentions and your results are not in alignment? This is partially due to the fact that your sub conscious mind and your will power are not in alignment. You can wish and hope to change your life but if your subconscious mind is repeating over and over the old ways you have been thinking then your change will not be permanent, whether it be weight loss, smoking, making money, studying or any other habitual endeavor. Our one on one service offers you a 1½ hour session which consists of an initial free consultation during which time you would discuss your issues, learn if hypnosis would work for you and decide if you would like to stay for a hypnosis session.  The actual hypnosis takes about 45 minutes and is recorded for you to listen to for 21 days and will help reinforce what is addressed in the session. We all know it takes 21 days to change a habit and we recommend that you listen to your personal and private session each day for the 21 days. We have had outstanding results with our clients and we know if you are not perfectly happy with the results you are having in your life that we can help.

Weight Management
Weight Loss OmahaThe best program of it’s kind. If you’ve tried the rest, now come to us for total success in motivation, stress management, better food choices, overcoming self-sabotage and much more.
Enhance Your Relationships
If you are not getting every thing you want from your relationships with Parents, Children, Siblings or Your Significant Other we can help.
Stop Smoking
If you want to quit smoking, this is the program for you. Thousands have used this program and have been successful. Usually one session is all it takes.
Stress Management
Great for taking the tension out of everyday living. This program will help you get the very most out of what life offers.
Sports Improvement
We can help you reach your full potential as an athlete. Full teams or private sessions available
Increase sales while becoming more relaxed and familiar with your product.
Pain Management
This has proven to be highly effective in preparing for surgery, burn therapy, and dentists’ offices where suggestions are given to increase comfort, reduce pain and expedite healing, however these techniques must be accompanied by a doctors referral.
Study Improvement
Increase memory and recall, reduce test tension and improve general study habits and techniques. This is one of our most popular programs.
Goal Setting Problems
Learning special techniques under the retention power of hypnosis can help in the achievement of all of your personal goals.
Hypnosis for Children
Why would a child benefit by hypnosis? Bedwetting, attention problems, attitudes, learning, stress, and self-esteem… the list is virtually endless.
Wealth Enhancement
Our hypnosis program helps you focus on goals for today’s society. The money rules you learned as a child are not working in today’s society. With the development of the Internet we need to update our thoughts about making money.
Our hypnosis program helps Fibromyalgia sufferers reduce their pain symptoms and increase their energy and comfort level. Over 80% become and remain symptom free. Over 97% get significant and, sometimes, dramatic relief while simultaneously being able to eliminate or reduce their FMS medications again this technique must be accompanied by a doctors referral.
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
After almost 10 years of worldwide use of this hypnosis program, 86% of clients become and remain symptom free. 94% get a minimum of a 50% reduction in symptoms, which do not return when the sessions end again this technique must be accompanied by a doctors referral.
Any Habit Which is Limiting Your Happiness
If you are not happy with your current life let us help you find out why.
Exploring Past Lives
Answer the questions “Who Am I?” and “Why am I Here? Using Hypnosis, you can journey into your own consciousness and explore past lives to discover information that can help you understand yourself more clearly, heal your life, realize your potential and full fill your purpose.
Life Between Lives
Journey into your own consciousness to explore your “life between lives” and answer the questions “Why am I Here?” and “What Contract Did I Make for this Lifetime?” With the help from your guides and higher beings, you will learn how understanding the meaning, purpose and divine plan for your life and the profound effects between life have on your current lifetime.

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