Corporate Seminars: Partnering for a Healthier, More Productive Workforce

At A+ Hypnosis Center, we understand the critical role that employee health and well-being play in the overall success of your business. Our corporate seminars are designed to help businesses create healthier, more productive work environments by addressing key issues such as smoking cessation, stress and anxiety management, and leadership development. We are the perfect partner in business, committed to supporting your organization’s goals through innovative and effective health and wellness programs.

A Healthy Workforce: The Key to High Performance and Increased Productivity

It’s estimated that 60 percent of health care dollars are spent on preventable diseases due to poor lifestyle habits. As health costs continue to rise, stress and unhealthy lifestyles negatively impact performance and productivity. A happier, healthier employee is more productive and successful in their work and personal life.

The Need to Eliminate Unhealthy Behavior

Some companies have taken an aggressive approach to addressing the relationship between productivity and health care. For example, a Michigan health industry company with about 200 employees transitioned from a smoke-free workplace to a smokeless workforce in just 15 months by providing free smoking cessation programs and educational materials. The financial impact is clear: according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a smoker can cost a company nearly $3,400 more annually in lost productivity and health care costs.

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The Organizational Need to Take a Proactive Approach

Human capital is often a company’s greatest asset and expense. Unscheduled absences have a significant impact on workplace productivity. The 2003 Unscheduled Absence survey reported an average cost of nearly $650 per employee due to absenteeism. These costs include employee replacement, retraining, and the more challenging-to-quantify “silent costs” such as reduced morale, sporadic attendance, and decreased job performance. Every form of employee absence, from presenteeism (being present but not working effectively) to complex disabilities, directly affects the organization’s bottom line.

Better Performance Through Better Health

Increase your organization's productivity and reduce absenteeism with our tailored programs for your employees. Attendees will learn powerful behavior modification techniques that create immediate results. Our programs can be scheduled during evening and weekend hours to accommodate various schedules. For limited training budgets, they can be arranged separately from other training programs, allowing employees to pay for them. Many organizations choose to split the cost with their employees for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Our Corporate Seminar Programs

Smoking Cessation

Help your employees break free from nicotine addiction with our comprehensive smoking cessation programs. Our seminars provide the tools and support needed to quit smoking for good, reducing healthcare costs and improving overall productivity.

Benefits of Smoking Cessation Programs:
• Reduced healthcare costs
• Increased productivity and fewer unsanctioned breaks
• Improved overall employee health and morale

Stress and Anxiety Management

Our stress and anxiety management seminars equip employees with effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety, promoting a healthier, more focused, and productive work environment.

Benefits of Stress and Anxiety Management Programs:
• Lower stress levels and improved mental health
• Enhanced focus and productivity
• Better workplace morale and reduced absenteeism

Weight Management and Healthy Living

Promote a healthier lifestyle among your employees with our weight management and healthy living seminars. These programs provide practical advice and support for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Benefits of Weight Management Programs:
• Improved overall health and reduced healthcare costs
• Increased energy and productivity
• Enhanced employee morale and well-being

Leadership Development

Develop strong, effective leaders within your organization with our leadership development seminars. These programs focus on building essential leadership skills, enhancing decision-making abilities, and fostering a positive, productive workplace culture.

Benefits of Leadership Development Programs:
• Improved leadership skills and decision-making
• Enhanced team performance and productivity
• Stronger, more cohesive workplace culture

Supporting Research

• Ohio State University Study (Published in Tobacco Control, June 2013): Found that a smoker costs their employer an estimated $5,816 extra per year, with over 50% of this amount due to lost productivity from unsanctioned smoke breaks.

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study (October 2011): Reported that American society loses $224 billion annually due to excess alcohol consumption, with 72% of this cost attributed to lost workplace productivity.

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By partnering with A+ Hypnosis Center, you are taking a proactive step towards creating a healthier, more productive workforce. Our expert-led seminars provide practical solutions to common workplace health issues, helping your employees thrive both personally and professionally. Let us help you achieve your business goals through the power of health and wellness.


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