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Stories of the Afterlife

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Stories of the Afterlife

May 17 ·

More than twenty years after Dr. Michael Newton first published Journey of Souls and later Destiny of Souls The Newton Institute announces the launch of a quarterly journal – Stories of the Afterlife.
Michael’s books launched Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy to the world, telling us all that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that the state of superconscious mind is accessible to us in human form. These books have been translated into over 40 languages and they continue to inspire people all around the world.
In 2009 Michael and the members of The Newton Institute published Memories of the Afterlife. This collection of case studies demonstrated how the work of one man had become the work of many.
In response to global interest and demand for more inspiring case stories, we created Stories of the Afterlife. Through this online journal we are opening the doors to The Newton Institute to those who share our curiosity regarding existence beyond physical life. We have been gathering stories from around the globe across the more than 40 countries in which TNI members practice in order to foster individual spiritual development. The case stories that we highlight demonstrate how Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy offers transformational healing and awakening of our immortal identity and connection to greater Oneness.
You can find out more about Stories of the Afterlife, so you too can be inspired by the things that inspire us at There you will find a link to the journal including never before seen footage of Michael and the latest updates in this rapidly growing field of consciousness.
If you are among those who have already subscribed and see the value, we encourage you to spread the word with colleagues, friends and family. Help us to bring this new form of personal spiritual awakening to an ever expanding range of people around the globe by liking the Stories of the Afterlife Facebook page.