I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “drink lots of water to lose weight”.   Well, it turns out that it’s actually true. According to a new study, drinking water before meals can help you lose as much as five pounds or more!

The common belief is that drinking water can help people feel full so they eat less.  The problem is, there has been very little scientific evidence to support the claim. Now there has been the first randomized controlled trial looking at drinking water to lose weight. The study was funded by the charity the Institute for Public Health and Water Research.

Researchers say people can lose an average of five pounds if they drink two cups of water before each meal, three times a day.

The research consisted of 48 adults split into two groups. The first group followed a low calorie diet but did not drink any extra water before meals. Meanwhile, the second group followed the low calorie diet but also drank two cups of water before each meal.

After three months, people who drank water lost about 15 and a half pounds compared with the non- water drinkers, who lost about 11 pounds. There are really two reasons for the additionalweight loss. Drinking water may help people shed pounds just because it has no calories and fills up the stomach, making people less hungry.  The added benefit is that it helps flush out the body of extra waste and toxins that contribute to retaining fat.

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