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Healing Attitude


Healing Attitude

By: Albert C. Bottari

Subconsciously Speaking Archives 2002

In loving memory of Dr. Albert Bottari who passed away March 30, 2016.


I have been a healthcare provider for more than thirty‑five years and found that for the most part it has been very rewarding and stimulating. Starting out in the early 1960s as a Chiropractor and stress management lecturer (yes, in the 60s we knew about stress) I have discovered that with all the “healing modalities,” hypnosis is right on top of the healing chain!


All are entitled to their opinion and we have our doubts about certain things, whether it be a food that looks strange, a car that has only three wheels, or a healing modality that allows you to assist yourself in getting well. 

Hypnosis is no longer the voodoo of the dark ages and when I discovered in the early 1970s, I thought I had found the best tool that could be used to help individuals. Most people discover hypnosis and the benefit of it either by accident, by referral from a friend, or curiosity. My own discovery was by accident.


My office layouts have always been relaxing, calming, pleasantly aromatic, temperature controlled (68‑70) with REAL plants and flowers and soothing music. While caring for a certain patient, I noticed that she would always become very calm as soon as she entered the room and upon lying down on the table she would inhale and slowly exhale and relax. I asked her what she was doing and I was told, coming here is coming to one of the most tranquil places I can be, and then I go to my place and into trance. The time was right for me to learn about this trance state and what hypnosis was all about. Thirty years later I’m still learning what is all about.


In 1983 I was told that I had cancer of the bladder and needed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to cure me. The crepe hangers were all over the place. I was told to get my affairs in order and that certain aspects of my life were basically over as I knew them.


Now, who gave these people the authority to dictate my future is unknown; however I decided that I was in control of me and no one else! I had surgery to remove the bladder tumors by a second rate urologist, but one who had the attitude I liked ‑ not the crepe hanger ‑ and I came through great. That night I heard that Dr. Bernie Siegel was giving a lecture at the hospital where I was a guest and decided to listen/hear him. Something about MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and its impact on healing. After the lecture I spoke to Dr. Siegel and that began my commitment to this healing modality. I have never had the chemotherapy or radiation therapy and I REFUSED to have cancer in body ever again.


I opened my practice exclusively in hypnosis/hypnotherapy and began my career in this wonderful profession. My education never ceases and boredom never enters my thought process.


In 1991, I founded the New York State Hypnotherapy Association, Inc., (NYSHA) dedicated to the practice of hypnosis in the State of New York. With three hundred members, we are the only state to have special custom plates within the Department of Motor Vehicles Professional License Plate division identifying our profession. NYSHA is actively involved in the regulation of hypnotists in the state with a pending Registration Act that will mandate the educational hours for registration as well as Continuing Education Units. A great deal of time and effort continues to go into this endeavor.


In 1993 I developed a form of rectal bleeding that was diagnosed by X‑Ray as malignant polyps, and once again the crepe hangers came out of the woodwork. I informed my surgeon that I have steadfastly refused to have cancer in my body, so these polyps were benign and I refused to sign for a colostomy. In the recovery room my surgeon and pathologist woke me with the news, You S.O.B., your ployps are benign. They wanted to know how I did IT!


The issue is that I chose not to have cancer anywhere in my body and have made that a part of my belief system and immune system. I never spell cancer with a capital , because it is not capital to me. It was discomforting and a dis‑ease for a short period of time in my life. No More!


I did ignore other symptoms and as a result I developed a sinus tachycardia. Once again I decided to take control of me. My first cardiologist couldn’t relate to me. My new cardiologist is incredible. He listens!


After three years of medications, I made the decision, with my cardiologist, to have a Pacemaker implant and ablation (radio wave therapy) procedure performed to regulate my heartbeat. Thanks to the prayers of so many people, words of wisdom from Chaplain Durbin, Father Marty, Drs. Anne and Jerome Beacham, The Otto’s, and all the rest of my colleagues, I have recovered 99% and am striving for the other 100 %.


Some people get up in the morning and say TGIF or TGIM (Monday ‑ for workaholics). I say TGIT or Thank God it’s today.


I make a choice every day to get up happy and smile and say Thank You Lord for another day, regardless of the temperature or weather inside or out. We all have the same choice. I choose to be happy, loving, caring, helpful and good. You have the same choice.


Surround yourself with people who believe as you do. These are the ones with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, who will lift you up when you stumble. You can rely on them completely.


PRAY, any way you wish to and to whomever you wish to. The a MIND, BODY, SPIRIT IS not a ghost who vanishes or who is to be called upon only when needed; but the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT is the SOUL of everything. It makes you who you are.