What would your life be like if you could achieve your goals?

Achieving Balance in Your Life

Health Coaching helps you transform your Life in Easy Steps so you Achieve What You Never Thought Possible. Your Coach will use a proven step by step process, keeping you motivated and on track, and holding you accountable. You and your coach will establish goals that are meaningful to you. Then choosing small achievable steps one after another you will soon be living a more balanced lifestyle, looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside.

Do you know how many people today are fighting their weight, are so busy they don’t have time for fun and spend hours and hours every day in front of a computer and then a TV? Well as a Professional Health Coach I work with people to help them find ways to add fun, activity, great food, more sleep, whatever they need to their lives so that they find it easier to control their weight, their stress and enjoy their lives more.

Health Coaching is a collaborative partnership between the client and the coach. So the first thing we need to do is find out exactly where a client is in their life right now and then to work out where they want to be.

The client chooses which area to focus on first. He or she may pick the area of least satisfaction or the one that will make the most impact or the one that feels like it would be the easiest to tackle first. That’s the client’s call.

By asking questions that get the client thinking together we are able to find a starting place that feels good to the client. He/she decides on one small step that is easy to achieve that he/she can take within the week to move one step closer to their vision of what life should be like. Success is the key so we look at ways to build in the kind of support he/she needs most, rewards that are meaningful to the client and maybe most key…
I hold my clients accountable for the steps they choose.

By taking small steps each week huge progress can be made over a relatively short period of time. And how do we measure that success? One of the ways is recreating the Wheel of Health and Wellness at intervals to get the picture of how life is changing in a positive way.

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