When I work with people to stop smoking, I tell them that I don’t believe that smoking causes cancer. At least, not directly. Let me explain what I mean.

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, cancer is basically a disease of the immune system. Every day your body is reproducing new cells. To be more specific, it is reproducing copies of existing cells. Cancer starts when something changes in the DNA and nucleic acids that are the basis of hereditary. Your body will create incorrect copies that become malignant cells. This actually happens to everyone. We all have these “Bad cells” in our bodies. The good news is that they are controlled or killed by the natural defense mechanisms in the body, better known as the immune system. If your immune system is healthy, there is nothing to worry about.

So we see that the start of cancer is as a result of cells gone “bad”. When you smoke or eat toxic foods, you are putting low levels of poison in your body which ultimately changes body chemistry. The immune system can’t defend your body properly when biochemistry is altered. It can’t tell its own cells from invading toxic cells and may attack everything or nothing. Usually what happen is that your immune system is weakened by the poison in cigarettes and food toxins, so it is not able to control the “bad” cells. So, cancer cells are normal cells that have been altered by a chemical or other enabler that allows the cells to survive but without the safety controls of normal cells. Cancer attacks when your immune defenses and blood health are low from high levels of toxins.

Cancer is on the rise. It is primarily a disease of the 20th century that is getting worse. New statistics show that more people will get cancer if prevention is not preached, instead of cancer treatment. Treatment is not the answer. More and more people are being treated for cancer and more are newly diagnosed each year.

One obvious solution is to keep the toxins out of your body. If you smoke, or if you are around second hand smoke you are putting your immune system at risk. Smokers are more likely to not only have cancer, but every other disease clear down to the common cold. Stop smoking right away and your body will start to recover immediately.

Diet improvement is a also key in battling cancer, because up to 50% of cancer risk can be determined by your diet choices. Nutrition deficiencies accumulate over a long period of too much over-processed food, trans-fat and red meat along with too little fresh fruits and vegetables. This eventually leaves our bodies with very little to protect us.

Some hormone-driven cancers like ovarian, breast, uterine, kidney, bladder, prostate and colon cancers are closely related to the kind of protein and fat we eat. The worst is animal protein and fat from meats and oxidized fats from junk foods and fried foods. Alcohol abuse, too much sugar and barbecued meat can also be traced back to cancer development.

Your diet is your major weapon against cancer. The food you eat can either promote or prevent the disease. Whole food nutrition allows the body to use its natural ability to restore and repair cells. A healthy diet can deter the cancer process from its conception to its growth and spread. Even if your genetics and lifestyle are against you, your diet may still make a tremendous difference in your cancer odds by boosting your immune system.

Giving your body healthy food nutrients may can determine whether a cancer-causing virus or a cancer-promoter like too much estrogen will turn into a cancerous tumor. Even after cells have massed into tumors, certain food compounds can help slow or even stop more growth and may even actually shrink the tumors. What we’re talking about here is helping your body heal itself.

Avoid high-chemical processed foods and eat more natural food. The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less your cancer risk from colon and stomach cancer to breast and even lung cancer. People who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and detoxify themselves have half the risk than people who eat few fruits and vegetables.

One more tip to help your body avoid cancer: Reduce your body fat. Toxins are usually stored at their highest level in fat cells. Reduce the amount of fat to store these toxins and get plenty of water and fiber to flush out the toxins.


Fiber-rich Foods: The best sources are whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains

Yogurt and Pro-biotic Foods: These help neutralize the effects of carcinogens and de-activate enzymes that allow body substances to turn to cancer.

Anti-Oxidant Foods: Citrus fruits, tomatoes, pepper and greens along with green tea offer antioxidant protection and neutralize cancer-causing free-radicals.

Omega-3 fatty acids: The best sources are cold water fish such as salmon, along with plant-based sources like nuts and flax seed.


1. Eat a healthy diet with natural whole foods. Avoid processed foods.

2. Eliminate as many toxins from your body as possible. Avoid smoking and areas where smoke may exist. Use an air purifier if necessary.

3. Reduce intake of fats and sugar. Sugar causes cell damage and fat provides storage for toxins.

4. Reduce intake of red meat. Red meat has been linked to increases in many types of cancer.

5. Keep your immune system strong. Reduce your stress and toxins in your body.

6. Cleanse your body with plenty of plain water and fiber-rich foods.

7. Exercise regularly. This reduces stress, improves circulation and helps you feel good.

8. Laugh more. Laughter releases serotonin which gives your immune system a real boost.

Remember; An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This post is my opinion based on medical research. I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice. I am a survivor of skin cancer, which has surprised my doctor by not returning.

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