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To reach your potential and achieve your goals you may need a little help. This is only natural given the pressures of modern life. It isn’t always easy to succeed even though you know you can do so. Whatever is worrying you, we listen. We determine the nature of your concern and tell you how hypnotherapy can assist. The process is simple and we explain just what you can expect. You remain in control throughout.

“Consulting Hypnotists help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using individual hypnotic techniques.”

And you are in safe hands. We are both nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotists, and you can fully trust the established techniques that we use.

  Our hypnosis techniques:

  • gives you immediate results;
  • makes you more relaxed and fulfilled;
  • enhances the way you feel about yourself;
  • allows you to have better relationships with those around you;
  • does not challenge any of your moral and religious principles.

 And please note that the beneficial outcomes of our hypnosis techniques are long-term improvements. They are not short-term fixes because you are in control the entire time.

About Hypnosis

The thinking and memory ability known as hypnosis is a natural and normal nervous system phenomenon. Using this skill, you focus, concentrate and use your imagination to live your dreams.

A familiar and natural state of consciousness, you most often experience hypnosis on a daily basis. Examples of experiencing hypnosis include: feeling excited, sneezing, reading, concentrating on one idea intently, while watching TV, or listening and focusing on nothing in particular while doing a relaxing and calming activity.

According to The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia: “Hypnosis is a state of consciousness characterized by focused concentration, similar to that experienced when daydreaming or concentrating and oblivious to distraction. It allows access to the highly suggestible subconscious mind by quieting the conscious mind. Research has shown electrical changes in the brain during hypnosis; the brain waves of a hypnotized person are usually different from those of a person in the normal waking state. Most people can be hypnotized, although the ability varies from person to person. Techniques vary but usually involve deep relaxation accompanied by the focusing of the mind.”

Your Innate, Powerful Hypnosis Skill

You regularly use your innate ability to hypnotize yourself to live life. Without this extraordinary nervous system function, you would be unable to think for yourself and act self-reliant.

During a hypnosis session, you are in complete control of your thinking. No one can control your mind. However, a person may be more susceptible to believing in certain concepts when compared with others who are hypnotizable. For this reason, and others, it makes sense to understand how to develop your natural hypnosis abilities.

Safe and effective, hypnosis helps make learning easier. When you relax in a distraction free environment, you can focus easier on events occurring during that situation.

The professionally trained hypnotist acts as a guide. He or she focuses on simple ways to help clients achieve goals by treating with disinterest distracting sounds, thoughts or ideas that delay goal achievement. Your hypnotic guide directs you to connect with ideas coming from your own internal wisdom to achieve goals and create solutions to your life challenges.

Hypnosis for Self Improvement

What goals can you achieve using hypnosis? The following list suggests just a few goals you may like to achieve to improve your life quality:

Stop smoking
Manage weight and reduce cravings
Become more organized
Remove clutter
Release Anger
Deeply relax
Reduce stress
Improve self confidence
Reduce bullying
Attain self-esteem
Reduce pain
Prepare for surgery
Recover from surgery
Assist healing
Reduce IBS symptoms
Minimize childbirth pain
Stop biting fingernails
Reduce the blues
Process grief
Enhance sports performance
Raise performance levels
Reduce stage fright
Develop talents
Increase abundance
Improve sales
Increase motivation
Improve work habits
Enhance job skills
Improve study habits
Ease test taking
Sleep better
Overcome fears, such as flying, driving, heights,
bridges, presentations, oral exams
Remove blockages
Improve relationships
Enhance sexuality
Deepen spirituality
………and more

 Success  stories from our many clients confirm this.