Stress and Tension, Hypnosis to The Rescue

Tension headaches and backaches, feeling down, and having trouble thinking, all point to being overstressed. These symptoms could also mask a more serious illness. Always consult your doctor before starting any new program.


If stress and tension have you on edge with no relief in sight, you have come to the right place. Consider these three very simple and effective ways to manage, or even eliminate, stress and tension. Let’s get on the same page by clarifying a few terms first.


Stress and tension go hand and hand. Tension means to stretch something tight. The medical term “tension headache” is derived from the belief that as neck muscles get tighter and tighter, they start causing pain and discomfort. The same holds true for backaches and back muscles.


Tension can also refer to emotional strain. Words like pressure, nervousness, fear, and anxiety describe tension states. Informal, metaphorical words like “heebie geebies,” “colly wobbles,” and “butterflies” all describe some form of mental or emotional tension.


Any issue you want to get rid of or change must be done at the subconscious level. Hypnosis allows for easy access to the mind, body, and spirit centers of the subconscious mind. Western medicine widely accepts using hypnosis as a complimentary alternative support technique for natural stress reduction.


The following three ways for helping you manage tension and stress have one thing in common… hypnosis. By using hypnosis to teach you how to focus and concentrate on any given issue, you improve your problem solving skills.


This amazing and completely natural process is available to anyone and everyone. Hypnosis use in burn centers, birthing units, operating rooms, and addiction recovery centers has proven its effectiveness. Hypnosis to the rescue!

Change Occurs In The Subconscious Mind


Back to easing your mind’s stress perceptions. Without getting too technical, I can share this truth. All issues, habits, limiting beliefs, traumas, and fears live in the subconscious mind. Each of these issues has within them an emotional charge.


Success in managing issues lies in reducing the emotional charge that is stored in the subconscious mind. These tips assist you in accessing the often stress-perceived viewpoints stored in your subconscious mind’s memory banks.


  1. Learn how to relax and meditate. The act of meditating changes neural pathways in your brain. Relaxing actually helps to create new pathways. Imagine neural pathways as an inter-body highway system that connects your brain and nervous systems with the rest of your body. By changing and creating new pathways you make yourself more resilient to stress.


  1. Learn and practice deep breathing techniques, as they counter the stress. When you focus on what is possible and relaxing, you let go of using the stress-conditioned neural pathways.


  1. Remember to slow down and smell the roses. Live in the here and now. As you focus your senses on relaxing, tension naturally melt away.


When you naturally manage tension and stress, you also improve your relationship with your physical body. All too often, we forget about thinking about how to help our body first. Inadvertently, we may take our body for granted. By the time we realize the need to care for our body, it’s too late.


We all may regret doing some things when we reach the twilight of our life. However, you will never regret loving your body. Loving and respecting your body, you optimize your body’s peak performance, such as when you exercise. Try these simple activities.


  1. Put together a simple exercise plan.


  1. Feed your body the right foods and nutrients.


  1. In your meditations focus, on dialogue between your body and your mind about living your dreams and aspirations.


Remember, if you want to change your body, do it at the subconscious level. Integrate the two. Optimize and get the prize. You will feel less tension.


Nurture And Optimize Your Spirit (Soul)


It is a fine line between your spiritual self and your physical self. I suggest integrating body and spirit for the purpose of making them allies for you. In other words, what you do for your physical body bolsters your spiritual self.


Another way to manage tension and stress is to bolster your spirit (your soul).


Your spirit is your essence, your higher self. The one that is wise, compassionate, and forgiving. A connection with divinity is a very personal matter. Try these suggestions.


  1. While out on your daily walk, do some meditating and deep breathing.


  1. Remind yourself by repeating, “My mind, my body, my spirit, are one!”


  1. Repeat, “I open my soul and heart to all possibilities.”


Whether you want to try hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, or to eliminate addictions such as gambling, we respect your privacy. Know that what I’ve presented here is a very basic overview of how hypnosis works with one issue, tension. Every issue is different and every plan is tailored to each client’s needs.


If you have any questions about sessions, how hypnosis works, or anything else, contact us. Our staff answers phone calls Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. We look forward to helping you live your dreams and aspirations by calling us at (402) 333-1069. Find us online at