Are Weekends Killing Your Diet? Avoid the Bad Food Traps!

Are you good at your diet all week and then comes the weekend!

Here are some major traps and how to avoid them.

Friday Happy Hour: That tasty margarita may have over 400 calories. After two or three you have blown your diet for the week. A better idea would be to meet your friends for a spa evening. Maybe even have a massage. (A group massage might be really fun)!

Saturday night dinner: A dinner out could be a disaster. Why not select a restaurant that would support your diet program. Most restaurants have their menus on line so you could select ahead of time. From the menu you and decided where you want to spend your calories.

Sunday Dinner: Many times Sunday dinner revolves around food rather than family. The problem is, we create associations of pleasure with our family to the food we are eating. Focus on the family fun times rather than rich foods and you mind will create a new association of pleasure to family rather than food! Dinner choices can still be healthy but not necessarily the ones that will make us dread starting our diet over again on Monday.