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To reach your potential and achieve your goals you may need a little help. This is only natural given the pressures of modern life. It isn’t always easy to succeed even though you know you can do so.


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Khristine Marie reviewed A+ Hypnosis Wellness Center —
5 star
March 9 ·

I went with an open mind. It’s nothing like what you see in the movies. We all put ourselves in hypnosis almost daily. For example, you when you get a bruise,but don’t remember how you got it or that car ride where you don’t remember the ride/drive there. I made more progress through FOUR sessions of doing hypnosis than my experiences with talk therapy. I believe it would have taken me years in talk therapy to uncover what I have with the help of A+ hypnosis. I recommend this service to everyone. We all have issues, so I believe anyone would benefit giving this a shot.

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I have fought being overweight my entire life – 60+ years. As I’ve aged I realized that diets no longer worked and the pounds kept piling on. I developed osteoarthritis in both knees and now weight-loss is crucial for knee replacement surgery; the extra weight does not help for either the surgery or recovery.
An ex-coworker told me about the virtual gastric band and how she lost over 70 pounds. I was interested so did some reading and online research. After talking it over with my husband I decided to give it a try. I’ve dropped four pounds in two weeks and know this is just the start!
The program has not been hard and the changes in my life have been immediate and dramatic. The sessions leaving me feeling worry-free and with a positive outlook on life. I am now looking forward to my new, healthy body. I highly recommend the virtual gastric band to anyone looking for a weight-loss program. Simply put… it works!!!


Thank You A+ Hypnosis.

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StressFibromyalgia Symptoms helped by Hypnosis Sessions!



I came to A+ Hypnosis when I was at my wits end with dealing with fibromyalgia. I had spent the last 5 years in ever-increasing, unexplainable pain, and about a year ago, finally received the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I was having people tell me that pain was going to be my life now; that I would have to get used to living a restricted life. I was given a bucket full of pills to take, and then reminded that these wouldn’t cure fibromyalgia, just help with the symptoms. I just couldn’t accept that! So I looked into every alternative I could think of, and finally called in to do the free consultation. I am so glad I did! All I had to do was four sessions with Diane and the intensity and frequency of the pain dropped significantly! In just two months, I have been living a whole new life than the one I had been living for the past 5 years. I can walk, I can play with my daughter, I can cook dinner; I can live a normal life! It’s so wonderful and I am so grateful!


Hypnosis really helped me to heal up some past wounds I had been struggling with and look at myself in a whole new light. The process is very self reflective and helps you to be stronger. I found myself saying and doing things I normally would have been too scared to do. The self discovery it brings would be beneficial to anyone. If you have tried everything else and didn’t see a change, try hypnosis!


In January 2012 I received a diagnosis of colon cancer. That alone was daunting enough but I would soon find out my cancer was stage III – advanced. I can’t recall how I turned to hypnotherapy, but I’m so glad I did. In the weeks between surgery and chemotherapy, Diane helped me clean out my psychic closets and prepare my mind and body for what was to come. Using the techniques Diane shared with me, my anxiety remained pretty low throughout the 9 months of chemo. Today, I have been in remission for 2 years. I learned that the mental/emotional battle of cancer is every bit as hard as the physical one. I still go back to the coping techniques Diane taught me when fear rears its ugly head. I know I will do so for life. I’m so grateful for what I learned with Diane and how it has profoundly affected my life!


An Ohio State University study published in the peer-reviewed journal Tobacco Control (June 2013) found that a smoker costs their employer an estimated $5,816 extra per year, of which $3,077 (over 50%) is from lost productivity due to unsanctioned smoke breaks.

I was a smoker for 27 years, smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I knew it was hurting my health and pocketbook. I tried nicotine gum, patches and Zyban medication, but was unable to stop. After just one session at A + Hypnosis I became a non-smoker. I highly recommend hypnosis as a way of quitting this habit to anyone that asks.

Jim F

I have been looking for answers to my emotional issues for over 25 years, using everything I came across to resolve my fears. Nothing and I mean nothing has been able to clear my emotional reaction to anger outbursts. Even being aware that these outbursts were not directed toward me still caused an emotional reaction resulting in crying.

Diane took me back to the source of the emotion and resolved it in 2 sessions! I am no longer affected by these outbursts. I feel very light and free after my sessions with hypnosis, I even feel taller!


This program had changed the way I look at food and my eating habits. I have learned how to relax and handle stress better. I find myself exercising every day. I no longer eat junk food, but eat apples, oranges and other fruit instead. I am able to sleep all night now. I have lost 50 pounds in 2 ½ months, my blood pressure is down and I feel great. Thank you.

Kenneth L.
P.S This is not a “diet” program.

On January 27, 2009, I was blessed with the most beautiful granddaughter you have ever seen. As I held this beautiful little girl, I came to the realization that I needed to be around to watch all of her 1st’s – first birthday, first day of school and so on and so on. Being a smoker of over 30 years, I realized that one of the best things I could do to help ensure this was to quit smoking. I chose my quit date of May 1st, a date that to me sounded like spring and new beginnings and I called A+ Hypnosis and scheduled my appointment. Then I worried and contemplated how I was going to do this. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I really liked smoking and I wasn’t completely sure I was ready to quit. I felt like I was losing my best friend.

I went back and forth about keeping or cancelling this appointment as the date slowly crept up. Finally on the morning of May 1st, I anxiously got into my car, still having quite the argument with myself and I drove to Omaha. Skeptically, I went through the process, even telling myself as I went through this that it wasn’t working, that I wasn’t really feeling anything different, and I had just wasted my time. WELL, I have not smoked since. It was the easiest process I’ve ever gone through. I went through no physical withdrawal at all, and only occasionally did I suffer from emotional withdrawal. My husband chose to try to quit using medication at the same time I did hypnosis. Within a few short months, he was back to smoking as much, if not more, than he had prior to this. Even with the added temptation of living with a smoker, I have still managed to stay cigarette free. I love that I no longer have to schedule my life around cigarette breaks and trying to hide that I smoke in a society that is not very accepting of this addiction. When I look at my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter I am very thankful that I did not cancel this appointment and all the positive changes it has brought to my life. My only regret is that my husband is too stubborn to try this. In my opinion, A+ Hypnosis has earned an A+ in my book.

Ranae Rogers