We end the week with part 3 or our 5 part article on Can Hypnosis Really Help You Quit Smoking?  The answer is YES, it can.  But, it's up to you too.  The best thing to do is take that first step.  Call A Plus Hypnosis and make an appointment, or just to ask a question.  You and your family will be glad you did.  And don't forget, when you do make that important decision to come in and become a NON smoker, bring this coupon with you and save more money.  

The program he followed consists of an introductory video, several audio sessions, and an e-book. "There was all this imagery and counting down and clouds," he says. "I would fall asleep listening." It might all sound a little new agey, but Jonathan hasn't had a cigarette in a year — besides a few weeks of cheating at the six-month mark. There wasn't even a major time commitment — he would fall asleep a few minutes into the sessions every night, and he found himself smoke-free within days of starting the program.

Hypnosis is not a silver bullet, of course. Several years ago, Nelson, a 39-year-old banker from New York City, attended a group hypnosis session in Boston with several friends who were also trying to quit smoking, and they were all hypnotized en masse. He says, " didn't crave cigarettes for a good four months afterwards. Something in my mind turned it off: didn't want it, didn't need it." Then, after a minor car accident, he ran to the corner bodega to grab a pack. "I smoked to calm myself down," he recalls. While the hypnosis was effective, Nelson felt like his choice to smoke or not smoke was being dictated not by him but by an outside force in a way that made him uncomfortable. He has no plans to try hypnosis again.

Margaret, Jonathan, and Nelson: three different smokers with three very different hypnosis experiences. But all quit — at least for a while. Is there a common thread? And why did it work for Margaret and Jonathan, but not for Nelson?

Monday we'll bring you the last two installments of this article.  Remember, April is STOP SMOKING MONTH here at A Plus Hypnosis.  Download/print this coupon, call the office for an appointment, then start the rest of your life as an EX smoker.  It works!


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