Happy Easter to all.  Spring is here, the temperatures are finally getting back to where we can enjoy the out of doors once again.  Smell that fresh air?  Trust us, you'll enjoy it much more when you aren't smoking.  Ready to make the committment? Ready to break the habit?  Call us today.  Don't wait, we're here to answer your questions.

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Margaret, Jonathan, and Nelson: three different smokers with three very different hypnosis experiences. But all quit — at least for a while. Is there a common thread? And why did it work for Margaret and Jonathan, but not for Nelson?

According to Dr. Ken Grossman, a clinical hypnotherapist in Sacramento, "The only quality that makes someone a good candidate for hypnosis is that they want to stop. What makes someone a poor candidate is that they have no desire to stop." McGrail agrees, adding, "There are very few people that will not allow themselves to be led into a hypnotic state." While this may sound far-fetched to skeptics, think of it as the sort of state you're in when you're driving and miss your exit — that's a mild form of hypnosis in and of itself. What these therapists do is just deepen the experience, using our natural capacity for dropping into trance-like states.

While the science might not fall in favor of hypnosis' effects, the experiences of Margaret and Jonathan speak loudly to its potential. What's important is that those considering hypnosis perform some due diligence. Becoming a hypnotherapist isn't like becoming a doctor where there's a set curriculum and a series of nationally recognized qualification tests; rather there are variety of ways to become "certified," ranging from traditional schools to online courses. One of the most respected certification-givers is the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. McGrail cautions that hypnotherapy isn't regulated in California or most other states. "There are a lot of people that call themselves certified that are not well-trained or competent," he says. "While they can't do any harm, they won't do any good. Do your homework."



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