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Diane Rohlfs BCH,CI




Phone Number:  402-333-1069

Location: Omaha, NE


As a Hypnotherapist I see people all the time for weight loss and people come to us as referrals after having gastric surgery because they are gaining the weight back even though their stomach has been drastically reduced in size. I have found that Dr. Berg’s body type puts my clients at ease and helps explain to them that all calories are not the same and that you have to get healthy in order to lose weight.

I have been saying for years that weight gain was only a symptom and not the real problem.  Dr. Berg’s portal is wonderful for keeping in touch with my clients on a daily basis. It is important for people to feel that you are interested in their progress if they have 50 or more pounds to lose.

Get Healthy to Lose Weight, Not Lose Weight to Get Healthy – Dr. Berg