As seen in the Omaha World Herald on August 5th, 2013:


Q:  I have heard about hypnosis for childbirth and am wondering if it could be used for fertility as well?

A:  The answer is yes. In the absence of a pathological defect or removal of all or part of the reproductive organs, most women can be helped to achieve fertility.

Research has shown that hypnosis increases natural conception by 50% and the success rate of IVF or other medical procedures doubles the chances of success.

With unexplained infertility, stress tends to be a key component and can cause tremendous changes in the body’s biochemical rhythms. It creates a fight-or-flight response that tells the body to release stress hormones which over a long period of time can disrupt the production of hormones needed for ovulation, implantation.

In addition to the disruption of hormones the added stress of trying to become pregnant leads to more stress, guilt, lack of confidence and negative self-talk. Because our body is controlled by our mind, what we think does happen. Using hypnosis to create a positive attitude and eliminate negative thoughts will greatly increase the chances of achieving conception.

Once conception is achieved and because the mother to be is familiar with the use of hypnosis it is logical she would want to follow-up with Hypnobirthing, a type of natural childbirth that is based on the idea that in the absence of fear stress and severe pain is not a normal part of labor. With training she can experience shorter labor, fewer drugs, less interventions and a calmer more rapid recovery.

Establishing a healthy mind and body during preconception will have a lasting impact throughout pregnancy and birth. While not meant to take the place of traditional medical care, hypnosis can act as a useful adjunct that is not only effective but enjoyable.

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