According to published results of clinical studies (Am J Clin Hypn. 2004 Apr), the use of hypnosis facilitates a more uncomplicated birth process. In a separate research study done by University of Florida counseling psychologist Paul Schauble, it was also found that women who learn hypnosis before delivering babies suffer fewer complications, need less medication and are more likely to have healthier babies than are women without hypnosis. Schauble's first study involved adolescents getting prenatal care at a public health clinic. A group of 20 patients who received hypnosis preparation were compared with 20 who were given supportive counseling and 20 patients in a control group who received only the standard prenatal care. None of the women who received hypnosis required surgical intervention in their deliveries, compared with 12 in the supportive counseling group and eight in the control group, he said. "Patients who are prepared for labor and delivery in hypnosis are more likely to absorb and benefit from information because they are in a relaxed, highly focused state," he said.

We have a certified hypnobirthing expert Jeanette E. Laitner – BCH CI

Jeanette E. Laitner BCH CI is board certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and received her instructor certification from the same organization. She is certified by the Mottin & Johnson Institute in St. Louis, Missouri, and is also certified in 5-Path Hypnotherapy. She is also a certified Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), a Certified Fertility & Hypnobirthing® Practitioner and is certified in Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and pain management.  Jeanette continues to teach hypnosis and NLP at the A+Hypnosis Academy of Hypnosis.

Talk to your doctor and see if hypnobirthing is right for you and your baby.  Call for an appointment to talk to our experts who can explain in more detail how hypnobirthing works and how you can get started.

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