How to Hypnotize!

A three-step classical hypnotic induction procedure is introduced and demonstrated. Participants practice and are critiqued.

  • Methods of Awakening: Ordinary and gradual awakening methods are shown. Participants practice a self-hypnosis induction and awaken themselves
  • Depth Stages of Hypnosis: Participants are introduced to the six depth stages of hypnosis and the criteria for judging trance depth.
  • Self-Hypnosis Training: Participants will learn the rationale for using self-hypnosis and how it can influence all phases of their lives. In addition, they will be introduced to the world of "suggestion", and learn six important criteria for formulating action suggestions.
  • Hypnotic Miscellany: Mechanical aids and post-hypnotic suggestion are introduced. Deepening techniques and topics such as negative word traps and unethical posthypnotic suggestions are discussed.
  • Advanced Induction Techniques: The eight steps necessary to perform an effective progressive relaxation induction are demonstrated. Instantaneous, indirect and waking hypnosis techniques are shown and practiced.

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