SNAP OUT: Clinical hypnotherapist Amanda Pain believes most cases of smoking addiction can be broken in one session of hypnotherapy. Claudia Baxter

HYPNOSIS has long been touted as a tool for smokers to kick the habit effectively when all else has failed.

For a one-off fee of $395, Ipswich hypnotherapist Amanda Pain of Quit Smoking Quickly says a smoking habit can be beaten if you are determined to give up.

But the treatment has its sceptics, with some experts saying the only way to stamp out cigarettes for good is by using nicotine-replacement treatment.

Ms Pain said the treatment, which focuses on the unconscious mind, has a 90% success rate and can rid pack-a-day smokers of a habit costing $500-plus a month.

"People who really want to quit smoking with me usually quit in one session. Very rarely do they not stop after one session," she said.

The jury is still out for Queensland Cancer Council.

Spokeswoman Katie Clift said hypnosis was not as reliable as nicotine-replacement therapies.

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"There are different methods for quitting smoking and products you can use to help you cope with cravings for a cigarette," she said.

"While there is often interest in herbal remedies, spiritual healing or other alternative therapies, there is insufficient evidence on the effectiveness of these methods."

Rather than trying to quell the symptoms, Ms Pain said hypnosis realigned the conscious mind's desire to stop smoking with that of the unconscious mind.

"I look at their triggers and it helps me tailor the hypnosis. Often you'll find with people it's a cup of coffee and they have a cigarette."

Ms Pain said the triggers were often part of the person's social life and situations they did not want to remove from their lives.

Ms Clift said research showed you were more likely to quit successfully if you sought support and tried nicotine replacement therapy or other medications.

"Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other health professionals can be a good source of advice and information to help smokers to quit," she said.

"Usually people have a good reason.

"Sometimes people have just had enough, they've had a baby or have had a health scare or maybe a member of their family has passed away from cancer.

"Smokers who need help to quit smoking have our full support through the Quit program and can call 13 78 48 for information and assistance."

Ms Clift said lung cancer was the most common cause of cancer-related death in both men and women in Queensland.

One in five Australian cancer deaths are caused by smoking.

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