Are your kids exhibiting signs of stress?  Children seem to have more stress today than previous generations. Whether it’s school, sports, relationships with family and friends, kids experience stress just as adults do and can be just as susceptible to some of the negative effects that stress can cause.

Are Millennials the Most Stressed Generation?  This video describes some of the stresses facing kids today.  What are your kids stressed about?  Let us know how we can help you in devising strategies for handling stress for your children.  Hypnosis and self hypnosis may be one way to deal with their stress.  Call today!

At A+ Hypnosis Wellness Center Board Certified practitioners are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals easily and in less time than traditional options.  Call us today for an appointment, and please put the upcoming Health and Wellness Expo on your calendar of events for next month. April 13-14 and CenturyLink Center (formerly Qwest Center.)  There will be drawings for free consultations and hypnosis sessions along with many other surprises!!  


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