Your subconscious mind runs your entire body…

It pumps the blood, carries away the wastes and even makes goose bumps when you are cold. It's all done out of your awareness, but things are changing. 

Scientists have recently discovered what hypnotists have known for years, and that is: your subconscious responds to your conscious thoughts. If you start to worry about something your subconscious signals the crew to "man the battle stations." The blood flow to the stomach is cut off and re-routed to the muscles, your blood pressure rises, etc. All of this happened because you had a thought. Every thought affects your body in some way. 

Hypnotism clearly demonstrates this fact. If you are told that your hands are glued together your muscles will actually lock. If you are told that your arm is numb, the subconscious will cut off feeling in that arm. Used constructively this technique of consciously directing the subconscious is helping people manage pain, fight cancer and ski better; used incorrectly it guarantees that your diet will ultimately fail, even if you lose 40 lbs. 

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