What sabotages dieters?….read on!

By the time you actually go on the diet you have given your subconscious the 
thought that "I am overweight." 

Your subconscious then works very hard to maintain that condition. It creates 
"weight" the same as it produced locked muscles, numbness in the arm and cancer 
fighting cells. 

The more you focus on being overweight the more your faithful servant, the 
subconscious, will work its little fingers to the bone to maintain it. You can 
frustrate its efforts by going on a 500 calorie/day diet but, as soon as you relax, it 
will reproduce the "overweight" image you have of yourself. Dieters support this by 
saying things like "it's so hard to keep it off; I gain weight easily; I lose it but it 
always comes back." Yes, it will. Your subconscious will guarantee it. It controls the 
body and if you say "it always comes back", it will bring it back. 

If you think like an overweight person your subconscious will create that form, even 
if you lose 100 lbs at some time. It is like a computer that will print out your real, 
subconscious, thoughts. 

It is possible to lose weight simply by re-training your subconscious. And, if you 
were to spend time and energy on that, instead of dieting, you would get great 

That’s where we come in!  We help you retrain your subconscious so you can be successful losing weight and keeping it off!  Call today for an appointment and we will get you headed in the right direction without all the self defeating thought processes!

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